Vättlefjäll Nature Reserve

            Vättlefjäll nature reserve is located 13 km north-east of Gothenburg city centre. It is a wooded area with lots of hiking trails and smaller lakes. Some of the lakes are connected through dug-out canals. 
            The area is very scenic and appropriate for canoe trips with calm protective waters. Västkuststiftelsen is the nature reserve's custodians.

            Facts about Vättlefjäll 

            Many of the small lakes are not natural but dammed. Waters that have been connected together via dug-out, blown-out canals. Made a long time ago to see to the need of regulating the water supply. Water power that was used for mills in different locations and later for factories down by Surte. But now mainly a lake system that is used for outdoor activities.

            Pointing to some external links for those who want to read a bit more about Vättlefjäll. (In Swedish)
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            Ove Andersson has researched, examined and written about the history and culture of Vättlefjäll, and which historic traces you can see the remains of. (In Swedish) 

            Vättlefjäll Nature Reserve

            You are welcome to visit Vättlefjäll's nature reserve but consider that it is not allowed to: 

            • Park a caravan or motorhome for more than 24 hours. 
            • Operate a motorcycle or moped on roads not intended for cars, (the nature conservation manager can grant exceptions for handicap-adapted vehicles) 
            • Make a fire on any other place than instructed by the Nature conservation manager. 
            • ride or cycle on marked walking paths/trails. 
            • Operate motor-powered boats 
            • have a dog off its leash 
            • during the time 1 May - 10 June be within a marked area in Surtsjön.
              the access ban is there to protect the loon during mating season.  

            Photo: Christer Brostam