How does it work?

Booking of canoe happens via Book now here in the upper ledge or the booking button on the start page.
You pay immediately upon booking.

Before you book, it is good if you read how it works below. Read about our canoes, equipment and our booking and cancellation rules under each respective menu tab. 
NOTE! What is purchased or rented on site, is paid by card or Swish.
We do not accept cash.

Booking alternatives

You can choose from:
day (< 9 h), half day (<3h), 1 full day och 2 full days.

It is most common to rent for one day.
For daytime rental, the actual renting time may be shorter than 9 h, depending on the time of pickup.
For example, if the pickup occurs at 3pm during the weekend, the rental time will be 4 h since we close at 7 pm.

Consider that we are closed for lunch, then it will not be possible to collect or return canoes.
Closed for lunch weekdays 1 pm to 2 pm, weekend 1 pm to 3 pm 

Choices made in the booking system:
-Canoe size (canoe length 495 or 525XL)
-Length of rental
-Start date
-Start time
-Books the quantity of canoes (nothing about the number of people)
-Options (there are some that can be booked, e.g. rebooking guarantee)
-Member or not member of Friluftsfrämjandet
Read more under the respective Menu tab, Canoe Rental, Equipment and sale.

Booking for schools,businesses,associations and groups within the Swedish Outdoor Association see menu Groups.

At your booking's pickup time

Check in with the staff in Vättlestugan. We will help you as soon as possible. Sometimes when a lot of people arrive at the same time there is bit of a wait.

Pickup of what you have rented.

You assist with retrieving your canoe from its place and put it on a canoe cart. Then you are handed paddles, life jackets and anything else you might have booked, like an extra seat. 

If you need anything additional, that has not been booked, it can be added on site.  

If you have not rented canoes here previously you can ask the staff for a description of a recommended route. You can also, if needed, get a brief paddling instruction. You check everything you have collected and sign off that all material has been received. 

You are now ready to take off. Roll the canoe to the loading place. 

Return of what you have rented.

When you return you need to arrive half an hour before the handing-in time. The canoe must be washed and put back in its right place. Other equipment is checked to see that it is undamaged and that the amount is correct. It is received by and signed off by staff. 

If there is any damage to the canoe or equipment, or if anything is missing upon return, you are liable for compensation.    

Booking time applies. Late return of canoe is charged with 150 kr per started hour. 
Not cleaned/washed canoe is charged with 150  kr.