Tips for trips

The map below shows an appropriate paddle route and where there are prepared rest stops with wind covers. Good trip for a full day of paddling.
Back from Stora kroksjön to Vättlestugan takes about 2,5 hours (experienced paddler can do it faster).  


Paddle in the beatiful and canoe-friendly lake system in Vättlefjälls nature reserve.

If you want to stay overnight there are many beatiful camp sites and timmer wind cover along the lakes shores.

It is allowed to paddle and go onto land in the entire lake system except for the exceptions below.

There is a farm Skärsjölund where you only go onto land if you want to visit the farm. They are open at certain hours to sell flowers, something to eat and drink.

It is not allowed to paddle in the dark-blue area see the map above. During the period 11/5-10/6 there is an access ban due to it being a bird conservation site. The areas border is marked by buoys.