Booking rules

RULES you must follow when you rent a canoe: 

You must - be able to show ID. If you are under the age of 18, but have turned 13, the canoe rental must be approved by a guardian via certificate or signature of contract.

  • Pay the rental fee in advance. 
  • Always use a life jacket in the canoe. 
  • At least one person in a rented canoe must be able to swim 200 m.
  • Return equipment undamaged and cleaned.
  • Be responsible for any damage to canoe and material. 
  • Are not allowed to sublet or loan to anyone else. 

Use of alcohol and drugs in connection with canoe rental is not permitted!

Paddling happens at your own risk. Bring cell phone (water-sealed) to  notify any changes in the planning.

Vättlefjäll is a nature reserve - Use the prepared rest areas. Especially when you plan to make a fire.

Do not leave trash in nature. Bring it back home.

You have to conduct yourself according to the limitations that are associated with the right of public access and that Vättlefjäll in large part is a nature reserve.

Right of public access Read more - >

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Cancellation rules

There are different cancellation rules depending on how far in advance you cancel your booking.
Cancellation via mail to

  • 7 days before full refund - cancellation fee 50 kr.
  • 6-3 days before 50% refund.
  • Cancellation later than 48 hours no refund. 

Rebooking guarantee is available to purchase for 20 kr per canoe, gives the right to rebook up until 48 hours before the rental time.

Rebooking due to bad weather is not permissable.
A cancelled trip due to extreme weather is exempted. Local thunder, storm and forest fire are grounds for a rebooking for a later date. 
In the event of cancellation due to illness, a medical certificate is required for a refund.

For group bookings, special cancellation conditions apply. See under the menu Groups.

Rebooking guarantee

Is an additional choice that can be done when booking the canoe. The price is 20 kr per canoes, and gives the opportunity to rebook to a new time at a later date. Is valid from the day you booked until 48 hours before the rental time. Unlimited amount of times.
Is valid for the years season, is not transferable to the next year.