New website for Kanotpool Vättlefjäll

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We are finally done with our new website. This year we have also changed to a new booking system. It was Svenska kanotförbundet who suggested a booking system for canoe rental. Bookspot, which we have adjusted to our canoe rental.

Tips for Trips 2

kanotpoolen Tips for Trips

Bathing place trip for beginners (first time paddlers). Follow the left side of Surtsjön close to land, then you will pass three bathing places with sand beach. The one at the far nothern end is Surtebadet and that bathing place is the largest.

Wood storages moved

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Västkuststiftelsen has moved the wood storages with free fire wood. Were previously located close to the canoe pass. They are moved so that they can be more easily restocked with new fire wood. Canoers will have to walk a bit further to collect.